North American Bird Species

Prepare to explore the fascinating avian world found across the diverse landscapes of North America. From the forests to the coasts, and from the grasslands to the mountains, North America is home to a rich array of bird species.

Among the most common and recognizable inhabitants are the majestic Bald Eagle, an iconic symbol of strength and freedom soaring through the skies. The melodious American Robin, with its vibrant orange breast, is a beloved harbinger of spring, filling the air with its cheerful song.

Observe the striking plumage of the Northern Cardinal, a brilliantly red bird that graces backyards and parks with its beauty, and catch a glimpse of the agile and iridescent Ruby-throated Hummingbird, the smallest bird species in North America, as it hovers and sips nectar from flowers.

Through this page, you'll have the opportunity to learn more about these captivating bird species and their remarkable adaptations. Discover their preferred habitats, migratory patterns, and interesting behaviors, and gain a deeper appreciation for their role in North America's ecosystems.

Birds found in North America

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